Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sweater Uplifted

Just a quick one for you here.  Our house hold is currently recovering from a case of Norowalk (norovirus) and there hasn't been much going on besides couch, crackers, and lots of old school Sesame Street and Magic School Bus.

Luckily I found some more pictures hidden in the wrong folder, in the wrong folder, in the wrong folder. (yeah it's like that)

Anywhoo, here you go! A little Sweater Refresher.

Another one of my Value Village finds. A gorgeous yellow. And though the cabling in the "collar"  was really pretty,  it laid all strange, floppy and unflattering around my neck and shoulders.

So off it came!

A little bright orange for some subtle punch.

And done.

Though I did go back later and give is a second row of stitches later on which gave it a little more stability and over all better look.  Over all a quick and simple change to give it a whole new feel!

Now, back to my couch.  Hopefully I'll I've something more soon.

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  1. Oh that looks really cute!! It's more flattering in the 2nd pic as well... It would look cute with a grey tank top or something under as well cause you'd see the straps & bottom! Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

  2. Thanks! And I do have a large collection of layering tanks. ^_^ Haven't tried layering it yet, I should! =D