Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pssst.... you still there?

Yes.. yes.  I'm still alive.  But I've been a very very bad blogger.  Ever have your craft room get so messy or behind that every time you look at it you just sigh and turn back around and figure you'll take care of it later?  Yeah, that's how I got about the blog.  I got so back logged in photos that needed editing, so many projects I wanted to talk about, that every time I thought of writing a post I didn't know where to start.

Top that with then losing my photos, holidays, my only camera lens breaking, and a slow but needed progression out of photography and into crafting. 

So.  I need a kick in the pants and I think I found just the thing to do it.

Everyone (if your even still here *sheepish grin*) ....

Meet Mayi.

"My birth certificates says I’m a María Alejandra Carles, but please call me Mayi. I’m obsessed with party props. My uniform of choice is my paint stained Eeyore pajama. If left unsupervised, I could eat an entire batch of Red Velvet cupcakes. Nice to meet you."

There is a lot more to her than that of course.  But the important part is this:


Yes, bootcamp. For the creative clutter of the messy entrepreneur.  With 6 modules in video and audio with a collection of printable day planners and spreadsheets and guides plus other goodies, she endeavors to help you organize your life, declutter your mind and space, help with business planning, all in a way that won't drive you batty.  Or something like that.  She explains it much better over at Life is Messy Bootcamp so go check her out! And check out the bootcamp too! I was skeptical when I clicked on the link from another blog but by the time I got to the bottom of hte bag I was pretty pumped about the idea.  And if your don't need the whole bootcamp it looks like you can just order her pdf print out day planner sheets!  Which look pretty schnazzy themselves. 

So, here's hoping this will help get things rolling again. Because I do miss sharing my things I made and I have so many more I want to share! (First step, sign up for bootcamp. Second step, borrow a camera....)

Thanks for all of you who've stuck around. I hope to have something for you soon.

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