Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Top to Bolero Remake

So, about a month ago, I was sifting through the racks at Value Village and came across this really pretty top.

I fell completely in love with the pattern in the sheer fabric . . .

And the beautiful lace lining the neck . . .

BUT, there was one small problem.

I may have lost almost 20 lbs since Christmas but this shirt needed another 10 to fit. 

Still, i had this crazy idea I could do something with it.  I hummed and hawed.  I thought about all the unfinished and backed up projects I had stacking up and thought about how I really didn't need another one did I? But ooooh the print . . .  sooo pretty . . .   the lace . . . sooo pretty. . . but cut it up without knowing if it will work? For $7.99?  And will I even get a chance to work on it?!

Sadly I ended up putting it back on the shelf.  For $7.99 I just couldn't bring myself to cut into it not knowing.

Forwards a couple weeks and I get news of a 50% off day at Value Villiage This is a golden day for pro thrifters. I gather up a bag of toys and a big packed lunch and my toddler and spend a few hours going through the racks. Lo and behold there it was! Still waiting for someone to take it home.

Well,  now it was only $4?  I said fine! BUT, only on the grounds that I work on it right away.

So I snatched it up and took it home and started by cutting off the white bottom.

Still didn't hang right so I also removed the elastic that was added around it.

Then I decided it still needed a little something but what?

Digging around for something I came across some lovely peach satin ribbon that had been intended for a baby blanket that never got used. (The ribbon, not the blanket.)

Pinned and sewed and here is what I ended up with . . .

A very sweet and light bolero style shrug.

My god this is a terrible picture *hides*

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out given I was really wingin' it.    I might still go back and round out the corners of the ribbon but we'll see.  Now I just need some nice warm weather so I can wear it!

Do any up-cycling or clothing mods yourself lately? 

Till next time, keep crafty!

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wire Wrapping Newb

Last couple days I've decided to try my hand at wire wrapping to create some new possible pendants for the birds.  The one that hangs on this bird:

was the very first one I'd ever done. And since I keep getting compliments on it I decided, why not? Let's try moreHere's what I've done so far, in order of making them. . .


*Sorry for the bad pictures.  I finally had to return the really nice camera I was borrowing from a friend.  So we're back to phone pictures again until further notice.

That aside, what do you think for a newbie wrapper?  Have you tried wire wrapping? Got any suggestions or tips? Feel free to share pics/links below if you have a few (or a lot) or pieces under your belt!

Till next time, keep craft!

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Monday, 20 May 2013

My Treasury Monday Returns!

Hi! For all my new followers,  the short and skinny of it is I used to do a My Treasury Monday post ever- . . .   on the occasional Monday.  Well  as things got busy and I got procrastinatey,  MTM  slowly tapered off into nothingness.  Well what with a new store and a need to find new favorites, finds, and friends on there, I'm going to try and bring it back!

I thought I'd start with something simple. I though, hey what about a garden tea party. . . but the more I looked the more I wanted to add and in the end I felt like what I had just wasn't enough. So, I think at some point in the future I'm going to have to take a month and do an expanded version of each set.

Yes, yes I will.

In the mean time, here you go. The first, of hopefully many (but don't quote me on that), of the returned My Treasury Monday's!

'Tea Party Time' by thatthingimade

With the weather perking up again I figured a little tea party inspiration was in order. I'm hoping to have a little garden tea party myself this summer!

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