Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birth-Day Bird

Here we go. Been working on this idea for the last week and finally got around to beading it. (It's been a crazy week of playing catch-up around the house after a couple weeks of 5k, visiting guests, crazy crafting for craft show prep)

But I just finished this one last night!

        The coloring on this one is the most accurate.

Now,  this one is is mine to keep. BUT it is a sample for you to see. A sample of another type of bird that can me custom ordered.  Actually it's two samples in one!  It's a sample of a new paint style I was trying out, AND the baby birth date.

I love these little frames I found too Just slip out put photo between the two clear pieces and slip it back in!

A lovely little way to welcome the new "itty bitties" who come into your life!  Though honestly, you could use this for any date you want to remember! Wedding, anniversary, graduation, not just births!

In fact, on the flip side of it, someone suggested these could also be ordered in a more somber tone for someone dear who has passed away as a memorial bird. (Or just in a favorite colour of the one who passed) What do you think of that idea?  Good idea? Or too sad of an occasion for something like these?

Anyways,  off to go change up the order form and make room for this option.

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