Monday, 23 July 2012

All waking and no sleeping....

Ok, haven't had time lately ot sit down and get my post together about my  act of kindness.  been a bit busy rapping up my last couple of art shows. Won't be selling my photography in person for a while. Only on Etsy or via my website for a while.  The art show seen just isn't doing well for me right now so I need a break.

Top that with a baby that's STILL waking every 1-2  hours every night 11 months old and well,  naps look much better than sewing, crafting, or blogging lately.

But I figured I'd at least poke my head out for a minute. And to do so I decided, "why not!" and snagged My 1/2 Dozen Daily's  Sunday night chit-chat. (Even though it's Monday now.)

So with out further ado....

Now if only he'd stay like that for more than an hour at a time....

Reading? Jim Butcher's 7th book in the Dresden Files series, Dead Beat.  I love this series. It's gritty and dark but it's an easy read for me and when I pick it up I can't put it down. This is a good thing for me since I LOVE to read but am a fairly slow reader.

At the moment, of all the silly things, Hubby and I are watching the first episode of season one of The Muppet Babies. And no, Little Badger isn't here. He's in bed.  We've been watching The Muppet show and I got all nostalgic about how I loved The Muppet Babies as a kid and was curious to see it if was all I remembered. It's not, but that's ok. It's still cute. *lol* The best part is it was my hubby who suggested we pop it in and watch it. <3

Listening to?
Fitz and the Tantrums courtesy of Marissa over at who mentioned them in a post last week. I gave them a listen out of curiosity and got hooked. :)
Absolutely nothing. Hubby does most of the cooking since he's 10x better than I am. (Though I'm the better baker supposedly) And with my trying to lose weight lately I've cut back on baking. Of course hubby yesterday decided he's try to bake homemade cinnamon rolls and my god they were good.  So much for that weight loss. ;) 

Happy you accomplished this week?
Finally sewed up a new seat cushion for Little Badger's highchair. The buckle on the first one had cracked and I had wanted a better thicker strap anyways and had intended on just stitch-ripping it open and replace the strap but apparently I sewed it a little too well and after an hour I gave up and just made a whole knew one instead which worked out for the better as I made this one a bit longer than the last one so it goes up above the back a bit. (has likes to swing his head backwards and whack it on the back of the chair on purpose O_o ... yeah I don't know.)

Looking forward to this week?
Sushi tomorrow with a friend and fellow mama I haven't seen in almost 3 weeks because Little Badger was fighting off a flair up of ringworm and I couldn't let him near any other babies. Now it's just his eczema flaring up that we have to get back under control.  His ringworm ointment did that last time too.   :/

Thankful for today?
My hubby for watching Little Badger today while I got to go into Toronto (an hour's train ride) and have lunch with a friend.
*Bonus Question*
What is your favourite summer food and/or drink treat? 
That would have to be my husbands amazing gazpacho! It's so zingy and refreshing and slightly not entirely pureed smooth so it has a great texture to it.  When it gets hot that's a big go to around here!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

That Thing I Made this time?

A store That Thing I Made on Etsy

Yeah yeah. A store.  Won't be much in it for now. I had intended on having my booboo buddies be the opening act.  But a few hours today spent in photoshop making something for a friend led to a an idea that just ran away with me!

She had told me a lovely story this morning about how she was having a terrible horrible no good very bad day when in the drive thru waiting for her coffee she decided to pay for the people behind her.  Doing a good random deed for someone else turned her day around and she left the drive thru smiling.

I've always believed in random acts of kindness.  Big or small, flowers for someone who's having a bad day,  help the elderly or at least sit and listen to their stories if they want to tell them, mowing your neighbours lawn, organize a neighborhood cleanup, leave an extra big tip,  donate, help, give hope.  I think these big and little things help make the world a much better place.

So to help support and encourage random acts of kindness, I've made these little tickets or tags. Whatever you'd like to call them. 

I will be selling them in a sheet of 8 as printable PDFs at $3 each.

When you order one, not only do you get your own Angel # which no two purchasers will share, but 75% of the monies made go to a fantastic site called is a website dedicated to helping to facilitate or fund, and to connect individual who want to make a difference with acts of kindness!

They recently have helped me out with a friend in need (which I can't post about till the act of kindness is done but there will be a post!) and so now I want to help raise money for then in return to help them fund more acts of kindness

So for each $3CND that comes into my PayPal,  $2.25 CND will then get sent over to the Crowdrise fundraiser for you see on the right over there.  (Also the main cause for the new layout. Not sure what I think of it yet. Might need a new banner)  Since that is a fundraising site though, if you want to donate without buying feel free! The money goes from you, through Crowdrise, right to! And you'll be able to follow it's progress from here.

Next post: I will show you how they helped out my friend.