Thursday, 12 July 2012

That Thing I Made this time?

A store That Thing I Made on Etsy

Yeah yeah. A store.  Won't be much in it for now. I had intended on having my booboo buddies be the opening act.  But a few hours today spent in photoshop making something for a friend led to a an idea that just ran away with me!

She had told me a lovely story this morning about how she was having a terrible horrible no good very bad day when in the drive thru waiting for her coffee she decided to pay for the people behind her.  Doing a good random deed for someone else turned her day around and she left the drive thru smiling.

I've always believed in random acts of kindness.  Big or small, flowers for someone who's having a bad day,  help the elderly or at least sit and listen to their stories if they want to tell them, mowing your neighbours lawn, organize a neighborhood cleanup, leave an extra big tip,  donate, help, give hope.  I think these big and little things help make the world a much better place.

So to help support and encourage random acts of kindness, I've made these little tickets or tags. Whatever you'd like to call them. 

I will be selling them in a sheet of 8 as printable PDFs at $3 each.

When you order one, not only do you get your own Angel # which no two purchasers will share, but 75% of the monies made go to a fantastic site called is a website dedicated to helping to facilitate or fund, and to connect individual who want to make a difference with acts of kindness!

They recently have helped me out with a friend in need (which I can't post about till the act of kindness is done but there will be a post!) and so now I want to help raise money for then in return to help them fund more acts of kindness

So for each $3CND that comes into my PayPal,  $2.25 CND will then get sent over to the Crowdrise fundraiser for you see on the right over there.  (Also the main cause for the new layout. Not sure what I think of it yet. Might need a new banner)  Since that is a fundraising site though, if you want to donate without buying feel free! The money goes from you, through Crowdrise, right to! And you'll be able to follow it's progress from here.

Next post: I will show you how they helped out my friend.

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