Thursday, 28 June 2012

Booboo buddy #2; Senior Froggy!

And here he is!

Tried something a little different this time.

Quilt batting on the animal side.  Makes it a little stiffer around the opening than I'd care for but it does prolong the cold life of the icepack (tested it compared to Finley Fox)


Also, it's obvious that my embroidering is going to need some more practice. (As this was actually the first time I've ever done it. The flies are, well,  yeah.  Though there was only supposed to be one fly then I realize I put it on the wrong corner. So this one has two.  Yay for prototypes!

Any thoughts? I'm contemplating little feet on the next frog...

                                           Also, if I created an Etsy shop, would you buy one?

Next up,  Mr Monkey! Linked Up!


  1. OK...those are fantastic! How adorable! I think that they would sell very well. :o)
    - Hope

  2. Love it! Very creative...I like the two flies! Michael says he wants a fox and Matthew is looking forward to seeing the monkey!