Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wire Wrapping Newb

Last couple days I've decided to try my hand at wire wrapping to create some new possible pendants for the birds.  The one that hangs on this bird:

was the very first one I'd ever done. And since I keep getting compliments on it I decided, why not? Let's try moreHere's what I've done so far, in order of making them. . .


*Sorry for the bad pictures.  I finally had to return the really nice camera I was borrowing from a friend.  So we're back to phone pictures again until further notice.

That aside, what do you think for a newbie wrapper?  Have you tried wire wrapping? Got any suggestions or tips? Feel free to share pics/links below if you have a few (or a lot) or pieces under your belt!

Till next time, keep craft!

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