Thursday, 24 May 2012

That thing I found....

 So,  it seems lately I've been posting more about things I've thrifted than things I've made. But hopefully that will change soon.

In fact this weekend I'll be getting into the art room to work on a project from an craft book I'm reviewing for their e-book tour!  Watch for the review next week on May 29th!

In the mean time, here is another thrifted item.  Found last Saturday while I was out jogging. On the last stretch home I happened upon a garage sale, and silly me knowing it's garage sale season, and yet I didn't have a penny on me.  But I took a peek anyways and what a find!

This cute little play kitchen, sans accessories, FOR ONLY $1.00!!!!! 


I mean... really? I had to blink a few times and ask just to make sure. And look inside the oven and cupboard!  
I know Little badger is too little to really appreciate this just yet, but he does love spinning the little stove knobs. ^_^

I told them I lived near by but hadn't any money on me since I was out running and they offered to set it aside for me trusting that sweaty, out of breath me would be back.  And oh did I come back, soon as I got home I grabbed my wallet, jumped in the car, and sped right back as fast as I could (following the speed limit of course).

Originally I had told myself that when it came time to have a play kitchen I was going to make it myself from up-cycling an old nightstand or TV stand but the project for sure would have cost at least $40 or so once you figure in garage sales (or craigslist/kijiji)  to find the perfect piece, cost of paint and bits to make nobs and faucets and things.  So, maybe someday when I have more kids and need a bigger play kitchen sure, but for now,  for one dollar, this. . . is gold.


  1. What a freaking score! It's almost as awesome as my Secret Sister package. Almost but not completely. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I posted it on the blog so check it out.