Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

So this May saw me celebrating my very first Mother's Day! What did I get you may ask? We celebrated it by having my hubby put in a new kitchen faucet (the old one was gross as all get out moldy and corroded from not being sealed properly by whoever put it in before we bought the house). It's pretty now.

And later that evening we all went out for sushi! A great little place called Kyoto House in Whitby.  One of the waitresses there is the sweetest lady ever and she even brought Little Badge his only special plate of a couple of slices of avocado!) This is the same place went after our wedding. (It was a small thing with just our parents and two witnesses). So it seemed fitting.

They have these awesome little private booths!!

But between these two events, something awesome happened!  My hubby, being the cheeky man he is, asked me if the neighbors were planning a mother's day picnic under the tree by the curb.  After a few "huh?! wha!? 's" thrown in his direction he told me to look outside.  I took a peek and my immediate response was OMGOMGOMG I'll be right back!  

Sure enough, I got out there and there was a FREE sign. My neighbor was still outside and said sure! Help yourself! And in fact she even got her guy to help me. So, as an added bonus. . .

Happy junk picked 
       Mother's Day to me!
I finally gots me
       some patio furniture!          

And not a moment too soon!  With the chairs moved, we went back for the table just as a scrap metal truck drove up. Whew! Now just to figure out if I'm going give it a new coat of paint or not. I'm a bit backlogged with projects so at least it's in really good condition and isn't dying for fresh paint.   But I do keep trying to picture it in bright yellow.

But over all it was a beautiful first Mother's Day.  The weather was gorgeous, the garden was lovely, the food was great, and the junk picking was just the icing on the cake. ^_^ I had a wonderful time spending the day with my amazing hubby and sweet little boy.  I hope all other mother's out there had equally if not even more wonderful Mother's Days. :)  I'd love to hear about yours!

Mother's day aside,  it's been a quiet week.  Spent some time at Value Village on Monday which I'll post about next week.  And Tuesday night I finally finished my Secret Sister's gift!  Can't talk much about it right now but I can give you a little peek at it. . .

Till next time, craft on. :)

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