Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Productive Day

So! Apparently I need it to be hot more often Yesterday got warm enough, seeing as our AC is busted right now, that as soon as Little Badger woke from his first nap (around 10am) I whisked him away to the basement play room to help keep us both on the cooler side. 

I keep a playpen down there so when nap time came around again I decided to try and get him to nap downstairs as well since his room seems to get the hottest in this house.  Last time I tried to get him to nap downstairs is didn't go so well.  But this time he went down easy and stayed down for a good hour.

In that time I was able to make this. . .
With plans to make a second one. But that clip ended up elsewhere as you'll see later.

And I cut out the fabrics to make these. . .

Then after nap, instead of his usual "I'm gonna scream and cry if you leave my line of site" he plopped down on the floor and engrossed himself in a pile of random rattles and rings and didn't seem to care where I was. I took the opportunity to sew up the flax seed filled pillows I'd just finished cutting. If you've never had one, these things are great for putting in the freezer and then on warm heads and backs and anywhere else you want cooled off. Maybe I'll call them Chilly Pillies?  Too weird?

Anywhoo. . .

I have and eye pillow sized one that I use on my eyes when they are tired and itchy. Really helps me get to sleep. So I decided to make a bunch of bigger ones for bigger parts of the body or maybe for Little Badger to hug when it's really hot in his room at night.

I managed to finish two of them before dinner and was just filling the third one right before he woke up post bedtime. (He's a frequent night waker.)

In between the first two pillows and the third one I ended up making something I was pretty excited about.  After sharing the Nuk Keeper I made on Facebook, a bunch of friends started throwing suggestions at me about needing something that holds bigger things.  So the gears started turning and soon as hubby got home I ran back to the art room and. . .

Ta-Da!!!  The Multi Keeper!

Hold many different kinds of things. . .

and tethers in 3 different ways!

Loop It!
Clip It!
Wear It!

Now, I fear I made it too long, but a quick knot in it shortens it up in a pinch. Might have to play around with length if I make another.

But I was productive and it felt good to get so much time at the machine.

So there,  3 projects done!  

. . . . another 30 still backlogged waiting to be worked on. 

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  1. Awesome!

    I have a bean bag that I bought years and years ago now that I use in the winter to keep my feet warm and that also helped me immensely during labour. It has some herbs and stuff in it (not sure what all is in there, but I think chamomile is one of them) and the smell of it makes me feel really relaxed, since I think I associate it with going to sleep and being all snuggly warm.

    1. Lovely! I would use the warm feature of mine but you need a working microwave to do that. So I just use them as cooling pillows. I have a bunch of lavender and chamomile and mint. I should try making some smelly ones. :)

  2. that multi-keeper is great! i bet it's super useful for toys... i dunno if tristian has started throwing everything within his reach yet, but he might start! hehe.

    good luck with your future projects! it sounds like you're pretty productive anyway. it's not like you don't have an adorable little boy to look after... :)

  3. Great idea my little girl loves anything dangling in front of her, so I can see how this would provide lots of fun for little ones!

  4. Hi Joanna,

    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. We appreciate it!


  5. That is just brilliant! Love it! I used to have a bunch of those clips but think I gave them away... :( Kicking myself now! lol!

    1. Thanks! =D Yeah I really need to go buy some more. I've got a bunch more strips cut and ready for sewing :)

  6. Do flax seed freeze? Or could you use any seed? I have a bad back and have to ice sections do you think one of these pillow would help?

    1. They don't freeze freeze. They do hold the cold nice enough to be good for a cool down or a headache. I find my eye pillow sized ones are great on tired eyes or on a ache head. I don't know if they'd be cold enough to work like a real ice pack though since ice packs do hold the cold much longer. Especially with such a large warm spot as a back. But you could always try making one and worse case you have a nice cool/ hot pack (since I do believe some people microwave them but since we don't have a microwave I can't tell you how or for how long.) Hope that was some help!