Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Remember those music balls? *Now with new and improved pictures!*

 REALLY gotta pick a different name for those....

Anyhoo, remember them?  Well a few weeks ago I got inspired. In an effort to make the bathroom in the basement (where my art room and now a large playroom for my baby boy are located)  a little less creepy to me, I decided to take redirect an old project.

And old mirror,

bought at Value Villiage, that was originally going to be repainted and turned into a jewelery holder, instead got mod podged with old torn up hymns in the same style as the ornaments.

Here is the finished product...


I also saved all the titles as I was doing my tearing and added some inspiring words for a special touch....

Now to do something about the terrible vinyl flooring backsplash below it. (The previous owners had an... interesting... shall we say, taste in DYI. )

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  1. Love that you did with the hymns!! It looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Love this project!!!!!
    I currently have a Crafty linky party going on, i would love you to link this project up !!!
    Claire xox