Thursday, 12 April 2012


For Christmas 2011 I decided for gifts I was going to go crazy and make ornaments or Christmas decorations for everyone.  Not easy to do with a 3 month old baby in the house. During the day not much got done but soon as hubby got home it was pass off the baby and buckle down.

Often staying up 11pm-12am (I know, that prolly sounds lamely early but when you're already sleep deprived from midnight feedings and whatnot you tend to need every bit of sleep you can get) I still ended up shipping out a couple of the gifts late.  Most of them were inspired by pictures and tutorials I found on Pinterest.

All except my wine gum mosaic ball that is.

That was my own insane brain child. The thing ended up weighing for to much to hang on a tree.  In fact, you could prolly knock someone out if you threw it at their head.  Oops. Still, it was a fun thing to try! (The making it, not knocking someone out with it.)

Anyways, here is most of what I made...

There were a few others but I seem to be missing the pictures right now.
Simple Wood Button Wreath Ornament
And old book of hymns + one container of modpodge = Musical Balls (Ok so they could use a better name) But they turned out so lovely I've thought of making more for selling.
I have a friend who loves color and lots of it so when I saw these little balls I thought PERFECT!
This one went to a friend who loves roses. She's been my best friend since I was 12 and even though we live in different countries now we still keep in touch and stay close in heart.
Made of sculpty. Fit in your palm. My favorite ended up being the fat little green one. He turned out really cute.
And the beast. The wine gum mosaic ball. Made for my brother who a few years ago got hooked on wine gums when I brought some back to the states with me from Canada. Not know what to make for a soon to be 19 year old my brain took off when I discovered a bag of wine gums in the closet I'd forgotten to send him last year.

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