Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So, I'm apparently a bad summer blogger...

So, it seems once again I've proven to be a very bad summer blogger.  There I was ramping up my blog, announcing my birds, making plans, and then I go and drop off the radar again. Just like last year, June hit and suddenly I was falling behind in everything trying to fit in day trips, family visiting, travel, art shows, and what not, on top of our daily routine. And all leading up to Badger's birthday.  
Once again my craft room became lost in piles of stuff that needs sorting and storing. My dining table has disappeared under a pile of bird making supplies and random crafting stuffs. My hard drive is full if photos that I kept meaning to blog about. And my house looks like a tiny tornado lives here. 

So, now that Badger is official two years old things should start winding down again and hopefully I can start playing catch up. Right after next weekend's art show in the GTA's Cabbagetown ( Sprucecourt School: arts and crafts booths located in a more informal space at the corner of Carlton and Sumach Streets. Saturday, September 7, and Sunday, September 8. If you're in the area and want to come out and see the birds in person) and then the first meeting for planing this years haunt, then the 5k on the runway that I'm organizing a team for in memory of a sweet lady on our street who passed away earlier this year,  the Run for your Lives event that I'll be a chaser zombie in, the swimming lesson's we are looking at signing badger up for....

Then again...


I know a lot of you crafty bloggers out there do all this and more with 2/3/4/5 kids and still kind time to craft and blog. How do you do it? And life/time saving tips you could offer?

(pic spamming for a brief overview of my summer)
A new item!
Wire wrapping skills slowly improving.
From my Garden!
At the beach on his birthday.
Go Go Gadget Farmers Market!
Nana Bird anyone?
My first Robin!
More puzzle pieces for more Autism Birds.
Custom order of my first outdoor bird!
Dressed up for vending at Faerie Fest
Amazing custom wallet I had made by the talented Carla at Half Dozen Daily!
I can officially accept credit card now!
As always, more and more birds!


  1. Joanne, Just thought I'd let you know that you could be my twin ( but I'm way older)...


    1. Oooh, In looks, personality, or blogging habits? ;) Can't be blogging habits as I've seen that you post regularly. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. NO, looks. Rather funny... I'll look for a pic from about twenty years ago or so try to scan it ....

  4. By funny, I meant that I was more shocked than anything...