Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh! Right! That Weight thing!

I kinda forgot to update the last 2 weeks of weight loss. Well,  I did it. I did make the dietbet goal! I weighed out at 187.4  After a week of holiday eating I decided I wanted to do one more game. So this time around I'm betting $50 that I can lose another 4%.  So I here I am, starting again.

My new weigh-in. . .


One pound up from my weigh-out of the last game but still 12 lbs down since Christmas!  I'm so excited and proud of myself I hope I can keep going.   It will be hard with all the Easter chocolate still scattered about but I will do my best!   

The game JUST started on Monday so if you want to join me there is still time!   Just go here and sign up and get your photos in! (You will need a credit card or paypal as you have to pay the bet amount to enter.)

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