Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reorgainzing: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

As part of my new me I decided to learn how to make all my bread from scratch, by hand, homemade.

My 3rd loaf so far!

So insert need to find extra housing for extra flours.

The Good? 
A TRIP TO VALUE VILLAGE! (I'll take any excuse to go there)

For $4 I came away from said trip with one of these:

Picture take from an ebay sale as I forgot to take a before picture.

Now this is the second set of these I've gotten from Value Village. The first one is no longer in it's stand but rather split between holding tea and herbs.

But I love these kind of containers and they seemed a perfect way to organize the different kind of flours I was going to be needing for the tackling of the breads I want to learn to make.

I even got a little fancy and gave the lids of my new containers a little coat of paint. 

Curiously, I asked my hubby what colours would his dream kitchen be. His response? "Brick and Brass"

Well ok then
(Granted, I was expecting some cheeky/goofy response about black or some insane color combinations that would make your head hurt.)

I like his idea so I ran with it.  First I painted it teal.  Yes, teal.  Then I took a bright shiny red and streaked it thick back and forth the other direction. The teal gave the red a nice deep color that looked much like brick or dark stained wood grain.

The picture doesn't do it justice *sigh*  Really miss my good camera.

Not sure how I did on the brass front. Didn't have a brass color and I think my custom mix could have used more yellow. But I basically took a copper and added black to it.  Used  it on the sides of the lids, just kind of wiped it around.

Loved the color so much I used the leftovers on a couple of my little clay birds.
But there,  painted and ready for show.

Then came the Bad.

Looking at my counter I quickly realized there was no place to put it.

Clutterific, no?

So! I finally decided to tackle a part of my kitchen that's been long overdue for an overhaul. An episode of sesame street and a 2 hour nap time later and . . .


Much better, no?  And I even got a little creative with some (poorly) stamped tags to help me remember which flour is which.

Each one is coated in mod podge to protect it from splatters. Here is a tip though,

when the rubber bit falls off your stamp, pay attention to which way you glue it back on . . .

Oops.  Ah well.  Gives it character. Yeah . . .  that's right . . .

Anyways, cleaned up the pots and pans cupboard so the rice cooker and the slow cooker could live under instead of on the counter.  Found a better place for my lovely new cookbook stand.

And those little jars of spices and herbs all piled in the corner all found a better home in the small draw turned mini shelf.

I love how it looks now. Much less cluttered.

And because I'm honest. . .

Not is all as it seems.  Beware the Ugly.

Yeah,  my work isn't done yet.

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  1. Kitchens are fun aren't they.. ?! lol! We don't have as much counter space as you, so I try *very* hard to keep it as clear as I can, it's an ongoing process to be sure! ;)

    Love the painting you did on them! Looks awesome!