Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A giveaway for a little help.

For the back story as to why I'm helping out this specific family, see below the giveaway.

 For Christmas this year (2013), my best friend of almost 20 years has entered her parents into a local (to Green Bay Wisconsin) radio station contest in an attempt to win them a much needed new kitchen to replace their falling apart kitchen in their 170 year old home.   I've voted twice so far but I can see they are really lacking in votes. So I'm reaching out to you.    I would really love to help this wonderful second family of mine get a much deserved special pick me up.


Being that I don't have 10,000 minions to set loose in voting frenzy. . . I will instead host a giveaway!

In return for your time and vote(s) you will be able to earn entries to win your very own custom "A Bird For Every Reason" ornament at a value of up to $30!  

You know, one of these:


A SECOND PLACE Prize has been added of a mini bird in your favorite colour.

AND IF THEY WIN THE KITCHEN CONTEST,  I WILL DONATE $25 to the first prize winners' charity of choice!

I'll even throw in a couple of random 6x8 prints from my Life in a Lens Photography stock just for fun.

So follow the link above to the contest page, register, vote. Easy as that. Then come back and claim your entries in the rafflecopter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once registered you can vote and even go back and vote once a day until the contest ends for more entries!  (Voting period - and therefore the giveaway- ends December 20th at 6pm Central Time)

You can also tweet about the giveaway once a day for extra entries as well!   I'll post the winner on the 22nd. 

Now for the back story.
First off, here is a tip. Never leave a post open in edit near a tddler.  See's like common sense no? You would think by now I would know better?  Yeah. . .  so,  will have you that back story again soon. . .

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